While visiting the USA in the late 90s, Moray had shared his testimony at a meeting when he was asked why his story was not available in book form. That question stayed in his mind for a considerable time. Having taken a number of years to write it, you can now get your hands on a copy. It will be available from this site, Amazon, Kindle to download and it will also be in spoken form on CD. Keep visiting the site for more information.


Read the truly amazing story of a changed life. A boy who was born into a musical showbiz family, to outsiders everything seemed great, but the truth was that the McGuffie home was a drunken and violent one much of the time. Eventually his parents' marriage broke up which meant moving away to the West Country. From that time on Moray's childhood continued to be difficult to say the very least. The problems he experienced at home and school caused him to be a worrier. He desperately wished that he could be accepted as one of the lads in the area to gain some kind of respect.


In his late teens he discovered the martial art of karate in which he excelled; eventually becoming a professional instructor, running strong and successful clubs. The confidence he earned from this carried over into his working life until an injury put an end to his martial arts career in his late twenties. Looking for a new avenue he went into the financial services industry and quickly discovered that he had "the gift of the gab” becoming a top sales person.


A Fall From The Top

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Gospel One To One

Preaching, Teaching and Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry

"Salvation is found in no one else"

Applying the same principles of discipline he gained from karate, he very quickly climbed the corporate ladder and was given the nickname “Quantum Leap”. The success brought all of the financial benefits you would expect. cars, houses and a millionaire lifestyle that many would dream of. This all went well until a downturn in business meant that, having reached the peak of success, the result was that he fell from the top. This huge setback in his life led to feelings of great despair and suicidal thoughts.


However, a chance meeting led him down a road that would change the direction his life forever. Read this gripping story of how a life can be turned around in an instant when you look for help in the right place.


Moray has shared his story all over the United Kingdom and has travelled throughout Europe and the USA. It also had the highest download rate on a Christian Latvian radio show.


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